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Carl Riedel

Carl Riedel is an experienced writer and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) specialist, known for insightful articles that illuminate underreported issues. Passionate about free speech, he expertly transforms public data into compelling narratives, influencing public discourse.

Odysee Sets The Future of Free Speech and Decentralization

In an era where censorship by Big Tech giants is increasingly common, Odysee stands out as a platform committed to free speech. This video-sharing...

EU's Digital Services Act Is A Move Towards Totalitarian Censorship

The European Union has passed the Digital Services Act (DSA), a law aiming to regulate online platforms and curb the spread of illegal content,...

China’s Banking Apocalypse as 40 Banks Disappear Overnight

China's banking sector is in turmoil as 40 banks disappeared in just one week, absorbed by larger institutions. The Jiangxi Bank of China was...

Americans Warned To Avoid Shopping on Temu App

As the Temu app gains popularity in the United States, concerns about its safety and business practices are mounting. Authorities and consumer protection groups...

Understanding the Risks and Protecting Yourself From EMF Radiation

In an age where technology pervades every aspect of life, the invisible threat of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) raises alarms among health experts. EMFs are...

McDonald's McPlant Burger Is A Total Flop in the US Market

McDonald's recent venture into plant-based options with the McPlant burger has faced significant rejection from American consumers. Despite the growing trend towards vegan and...

Alarming Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines and Associated Deaths Hidden by Scientific Community

A recent systematic review has uncovered troubling evidence linking COVID-19 vaccines to a significant number of deaths. This review, published in the peer-reviewed journal...


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