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Black Owned Business Vendor Market

Black Owned Business Vendor Market

Celebrate Black History and Artistry

Immerse yourself in a vibrant celebration of Black History Month at the Black Owned Business Vendor Market. This unique event not only honors the rich and diverse contributions of black artists but also brings the community together to support local and small black-owned businesses. Set against the backdrop of inspiring displays and educational exhibits, the market is a testament to the enduring spirit and creativity of black artists throughout history. Don't miss this opportunity to explore a curated selection of artworks and engage with the stories that shape our collective heritage.

Discover and Support Local Talent

The Black Owned Business Vendor Market, nestled in the bustling connector between the Food Court and Burlington, offers a rare chance to discover emerging and established black entrepreneurs from our community. Throughout two weekends, you'll find an array of unique products and services that reflect the innovation and resilience of black business owners. From handcrafted jewelry and art to gourmet foods and bespoke services, each vendor brings something special. Supporting these businesses not only enriches your life with unique finds but also strengthens the local economy and fosters a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

Experience More Than Just a Market

Beyond the allure of shopping, the Black Owned Business Vendor Market stands as a beacon of cultural celebration and education. This year's theme shines a spotlight on prominent black artists, offering attendees a deep dive into their significant contributions to the arts. Engage with educational exhibits that narrate the achievements of these artists and participate in a community that values learning and appreciation of black history. With something for everyone—whether you're an art enthusiast, a supporter of black-owned businesses, or looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Black History Month—this event promises to be an enriching experience that echoes the voices and visions of black artists and entrepreneurs.

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Black Owned Business Vendor Market

This year’s Black History Month celebrates artists of all kinds throughout February, featuring displays from local artists, educational exhibits honoring the 2024 theme of prominent black artists, and a two-weekend vendor market showcasing small and local black-owned businesses. Join us at the connector between the Food Court and Burlington for this enriching experience.


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