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How Strong Is The Tacoma, WA, Economy?


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The Strength of Tacoma's Economy

Tacoma, Washington, is an economic powerhouse, characterized by a robust and diverse economy. The city's strategic location, coupled with its diverse industries, makes it a sought-after destination for businesses. From a thriving port that fuels international trade to a strong healthcare sector, Tacoma's economy exhibits resilience and growth.

Primary Aspects of Tacoma's Economy

The Port of Tacoma

One of the main pillars that support the strength of Tacoma's economy is the Port of Tacoma. As one of the largest container ports in North America, it plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade. According to a report from the Port of Tacoma, the port supports over 29,000 jobs and generates $3 billion in economic activity annually.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is another significant aspect of Tacoma's economy. Major healthcare facilities such as MultiCare Health System and CHI Franciscan provide thousands of jobs and contribute significantly to the local economy.

Education Sector

Tacoma's education sector, led by institutions like the University of Washington Tacoma and Tacoma Community College, also strengthens the city's economy. These institutions not only provide education but also contribute to job creation and economic growth.

Key Components of Tacoma's Economy



Manufacturing is a critical part of Tacoma's economy. The city is home to various manufacturing companies that produce everything from food products to aerospace components. This sector provides many jobs and contributes to the city's overall economic strength.

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Real Estate

The real estate sector in Tacoma is thriving, with a strong housing market and rising property values. This growth in real estate not only boosts the economy but also attracts new residents and businesses.


Tacoma's tech sector is growing, with several tech companies choosing to set up shop in the city. This growth in tech contributes to economic diversification and resilience.

Considerations for Specific Groups

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, Tacoma offers a supportive environment with various resources such as the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and the University of Washington Tacoma's VIBE Business Incubator. The city also has several initiatives in place to support minority-owned businesses.

For job seekers, Tacoma's diverse economy offers opportunities in various sectors. The city's continuous economic growth means that there are often new job opportunities, particularly in healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

Practical Advice for Integration into Tacoma's Economy

Whether you're a business owner, job seeker, or investor, understanding Tacoma's economic strengths can help you make informed decisions.

If you're a business owner, consider capitalizing on the city's growth sectors like healthcare, education, and tech. For job seekers, gaining skills in these areas could increase your employment prospects.

Investors may want to consider the real estate market or investing in local companies, particularly those in the growing tech sector.

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Overall, Tacoma's economy is strong and diverse, offering numerous opportunities for businesses, job seekers, and investors. This strength, coupled with a strategic location and supportive business environment, makes Tacoma an attractive place for economic activity.

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