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Is Tacoma Dry Or Humid?

Is Tacoma Dry Or Humid?

Tacoma, located in the state of Washington, is known for its mild, temperate marine climate which is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean. When categorizing the climate, it is important to consider the factors of rainfall, relative humidity, and temperature fluctuations. This article will delve into the details of Tacoma's climate to determine whether it is more dry or humid.

Understanding Humidity

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air. A humid climate typically has a high concentration of water vapor in the air, which can make the air feel warmer and heavier. On the other hand, a dry climate has low humidity, which can make the air feel cooler and lighter. The level of humidity in the air can significantly impact how the temperature feels to humans and can also affect the overall climate of an area.

Tacoma's Average Humidity

Tacoma's average relative humidity ranges from 70% to 80% throughout the year, with the highest levels generally seen in the colder months. This high percentage of humidity is indicative of a humid climate. Humidity levels are often higher in coastal areas due to the proximity to large bodies of water, like the Pacific Ocean, which contributes to the high humidity in Tacoma.

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Rainfall in Tacoma

Another factor to consider when examining Tacoma's climate is rainfall. The city receives an average of 39 inches of rain per year, which is slightly higher than the US average of 38 inches. The majority of Tacoma's rain falls during the winter months, with November being the wettest month on average. This high rainfall contributes to the overall humidity of the area, making it feel more humid than dry.

Temperature Fluctuation in Tacoma


Despite the high humidity and rainfall, Tacoma experiences a relatively moderate climate with temperatures rarely exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer or dropping below 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. This moderate temperature range coupled with the high humidity can often result in a cool, damp feeling in the air.

So, is Tacoma dry or humid? Based on the high average humidity, frequent rainfall, and moderate temperature range, it is accurate to say that Tacoma has a humid climate. However, it is important to note that the city's climate can vary throughout the year, with some periods feeling drier than others. Overall, Tacoma's climate can best be described as a temperate marine climate with a relative humidity that leans towards the higher end of the scale.

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