A Legacy of Service: Reflecting on Pastor Gregory Christopher’s Impactful Career

Early Beginnings and a Call to Service

Pastor Gregory Christopher, originally from Chicago and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, found his calling to ministry in 1989 under Pastor Lonnie Brown at The Body of Christ Christian Church in Tacoma, Washington. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey from a young man grappling with life's challenges to a beacon of hope and leadership within the Tacoma community. His initial reluctance to embrace Tacoma turned into a deep-seated love and commitment, spurred by the encouragement of his mother and the opportunities that arose from his willingness to serve and connect with the local community.

Educational Foundation and Ministerial Credentials

Pastor Christopher's educational journey is a testament to his dedication to theological scholarship and pastoral excellence. A distinguished graduate of A.L. Hardy Academy of Theology in Seattle, Washington, he attained a Doctor of Ministry and a Master of Theology, further solidifying his academic foundation in religious studies. His educational pursuits also spanned various institutions, including Southern Community College in Shreveport, Louisiana, Central Community College in Centralia, Washington, and Pierce College in Tacoma, Washington, alongside several theological certificates from Berean College Assemblies of God National Correspondence Institute and Emmaus Bible College. His ordination and licensing, beginning with the Body of Christ Christian Church in 1989 and leading to his ordination at Shiloh Baptist Church in 1993, marked significant milestones in his ministerial journey.

Financial Protection

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Stepping into Leadership

Ascending to the role of senior pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in 2000, Pastor Christopher's leadership was characterized by his advocacy for police reform, affordable healthcare, and support for the homeless. His tenure was not just about spiritual leadership; it was deeply intertwined with his civic and religious involvement, serving as President of the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance and holding positions within the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. His commitment to community was evident through his presidency of the Tacoma Branch of the NAACP and his involvement in the Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective.

Advocacy and Community Impact

Beyond his spiritual guidance, Pastor Christopher's civic engagement included significant acts such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & George Washington Bush Tree Dedication and delivering the opening prayer on the Senate floor in Olympia, WA. His dedication to social justice and community empowerment extended to his role in the Tacoma Urban League and various educational and ministerial boards, demonstrating a profound commitment to effecting positive change in Tacoma and beyond.

Family and Legacy

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Married to Evelyn Christopher since February 18, 1989, Pastor Christopher's personal life is a reflection of unity and love, blending two families into one and being a proud parent and grandparent. As he steps away from his role, his legacy encompasses not only his significant contributions to Shiloh Baptist Church and Tacoma but also the personal impact he has had on his family and those who have been part of his journey.

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A Legacy Honored

As Pastor Gregory Christopher transitions into retirement, his life's work is celebrated for its indelible impact on Tacoma, Shiloh Baptist Church, and the countless lives he has touched. His dedication to service, education, and community advocacy leaves a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations. Join the community in celebrating Pastor and First Lady’s Appreciation & Retirement, marking the conclusion of an era and the beginning of new chapters for both Pastor Christopher and the community he has served so faithfully.

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