Home News Bellevue’s Daring Rare Coins Heist: A Burglary Straight Out of a Movie

Bellevue’s Daring Rare Coins Heist: A Burglary Straight Out of a Movie

Tacoma's Daring Rare Coins Heist: A Burglary Straight Out of a Movie

Correction: This story was first published for Tacoma but took place in Bellevue.

The Heist at Bellevue Rare Coins

In a burglary that seemed to leap from the pages of a crime thriller, Tacoma police apprehended Robert Mearl McGee Jr., the man behind the “movie-style” heist of Bellevue Rare Coins. The audacious break-in occurred in December, where the perpetrator executed a plan with precision and stealth. According to KIRO 7 News, McGee masterminded an operation that involved breaking into a neighboring vacant building and then meticulously cutting through the wall to access the coin shop. The loot? An impressive $300,000 worth of gold and silver coins and bars.

Sophistication and Planning

The level of sophistication in the burglary was notable. Eric Hoolahan, the owner of Bellevue Rare Coins, recounted how the burglars not only breached the physical barriers with sledgehammers and saws but also demonstrated a keen understanding of the store's security measures. They cleverly obstructed a motion sensor to mask their presence, which deceived real-time security checks and suggested a deep familiarity with the store's layout and security protocols. This meticulous planning led to a significant loss, not just in valuables but also in property damage estimated at $5,000.

The Investigation Unravels

The break in the case came from a blend of forensic evidence and community tips. A crowbar left at the scene bore the name “MCGEE,” a clue that pointed investigators directly to Robert McGee. Further investigation was bolstered by tips from the community, including sightings of McGee with bags of gold and silver and confessions about his role in the heist. A search warrant executed at McGee's residence and his mother's home turned up coins matching those stolen from Bellevue Rare Coins, cementing his involvement in the burglary.

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Consequences and Reflections


Charged with second-degree burglary, first-degree theft, and second-degree malicious mischief, McGee's cinematic escapade ended with his arrest and a bail set at $35,000, which he posted for release. The case not only highlights the lengths to which individuals may go to commit crimes but also underscores the critical importance of community vigilance and the effectiveness of law enforcement in piecing together clues to solve complex cases. While remarkable for its audacity and precision, this heist serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and threats local businesses face.

The daring burglary of Bellevue Rare Coins has captivated Tacoma, echoing the plots of Hollywood heists but with real-world stakes and consequences. As the legal process unfolds, the community remains alert to the vulnerabilities exposed by such an elaborate crime, hopeful for justice and the reinforcement of security measures to deter future attempts.

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