Rumble Introduces Cloud and Hosting Platform, Aiming to Redefine Internet Freedom

Breaking New Grounds in Cloud Services

Rumble, a well-established video-sharing platform and cloud services provider, has officially launched Rumble Cloud, marking a significant step towards redefining internet freedom. This new “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) offering is designed to offer a robust alternative to Big Tech's monopoly, providing website owners, online creators, and businesses with an anti-censorship hosting solution. Rumble Cloud's mission is to protect a free and open internet, ensuring independence from the restrictive measures and predatory pricing of dominant industry players.

Offering a Fresh Perspective on Cloud Computing

Rumble Cloud introduces a wide array of self-service cloud computing services, including Kubernetes orchestration, block and object storage, virtual private cloud options, virtual machines, and load balancers. These services aim to liberate businesses from the constraints imposed by established giants, offering the technical backbone not just for but for any entity looking for reliable cloud infrastructure. Notably, Rumble Cloud provides the most predictable and affordable pricing in the market, featuring “Resource Tiers” with monthly plans at a fixed price for unlimited usage. This initiative addresses the common pain points associated with consumption-based models, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses to manage their IT budgets more effectively.

Financial Protection

Embracing the Challenge of Real Competition

Rumble's initiative is not merely about providing an alternative; it's about challenging the status quo. With the cloud market desperately seeking competition beyond the control of the oligopoly consisting of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Rumble Cloud is stepping up to bring top network speed and quality. By disrupting the market with strategic pricing and high-performance service, Rumble aims to shift market dynamics in a way similar to how its video platform has challenged YouTube's dominance.

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A Trusted Platform for Prominent Clients

The success of Rumble Cloud's beta launch, endorsed by high-profile clients like Truth Social and the presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., underscores its reliability and performance. These clients highlight Rumble Cloud's essential role in providing a neutral and independent cloud infrastructure, free from Big Tech and government censorship. This commitment to inclusivity and neutrality is pivotal for entities seeking to maintain a welcoming and open platform for their audience or constituents.

Charting the Future of Internet Independence

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Rumble's launch of its cloud platform is more than a business move; it's a statement about the future of the internet. By providing an infrastructure that champions the free and open internet, Rumble is positioning itself at the forefront of a movement to restore the internet to its roots. For businesses and creators tired of the limitations and control exerted by existing cloud service providers, Rumble Cloud offers a beacon of hope and a path towards true digital independence.

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