The True Seasons of Washington State: A Local’s Guide to Weather and Woe

In the beautiful Evergreen State, where the coffee flows as abundantly as the rain and the mountains grace the horizon like silent, stoic guardians, we locals have a little insider joke about the seasons. It's said that Washington doesn't do the traditional four seasons. No, around here, we march to the beat of our drum, or more accurately, to the rhythm of raindrops and the symphony of construction.

Rain Season: A Washingtonian's Best Friend (and Foe)

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First, let's talk about the rain. Oh, the rain! It's not just weather; it's a lifestyle. To the uninitiated, the constant drizzle from October to May might seem a tad… excessive. But for us, it's the backdrop to our daily lives, the perfect excuse for another cup of Seattle's finest brew, and the reason our landscapes are so impossibly green. The rain here is like that one friend who always overstays their welcome, but somehow, you can't help loving them anyway.

Road Construction Season: The Unofficial Summer Pastime

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Just when you think you've had enough of the rain, and you're ready to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, a new season rolls in: Road Construction. It's as if the universe says, “You wanted clear skies? Let's add some orange cones and detours for balance.” Summer in Washington isn't just about enjoying the great outdoors; it's about rediscovering your city through the labyrinth of roadwork, a true test of patience and navigation skills.

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Embracing the Quirks with a Smile

This humorous take on our “two seasons” is a testament to the resilience and good humor of Washingtonians. We've learned to laugh at ourselves and find joy in the peculiarities of our beautiful state. Whether it's dodging puddles or navigating detours, life in Washington is never dull.

So, to my fellow Washingtonians, let's raise our coffee cups to the rain that nourishes our lands and the roadworks that… well, let's just say keep things interesting. Here's to embracing the unique charm of our beloved state, come rain or road construction.

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