A Mexican Cartel’s Influence in Puget Sound and the Impact of Open Border Policies

In the serene community of Port Orchard, Washington, a menacing presence has established itself, starkly contrasting with the area's natural beauty. The Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), known for its ruthless drug trafficking operations, has silently infiltrated this tranquil setting.

This strategic move to set up operations in unexpected American towns like Port Orchard signifies the cartel's intent to spread its influence far beyond its traditional territories.

Financial Protection

The Strategy Behind the Silence

CJNG's choice of Port Orchard is a calculated move to exploit the limited law enforcement resources of small American towns. This presence in tranquil settings is part of a disturbing trend where cartels operate undetected, bringing unprecedented levels of violence and drug trafficking to communities ill-equipped to fight back.

The cartel's operations in such locations highlight a broader issue: powerful drug cartels like CJNG are silently engulfing small communities across America.

A Battle Against Shadows

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Law enforcement in Port Orchard and the broader Kitsap Peninsula faces a daunting challenge. With a modest police force and no dedicated drug task force, the community is at a disadvantage against the international drug networks and the deadly fentanyl crisis brought by CJNG. This situation is emblematic of the broader challenge faced by small American communities against the invasive operations of drug cartels.

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The Echoes of Violence

CJNG's brutality is not confined to Mexico; it extends into the U.S., bringing a level of violence that has shocked local communities. Investigations into CJNG's activities have revealed a willingness to employ violence, including kidnapping, shootings, and torture, to protect its drug trafficking empire. This violence within American communities underscores the terrifying reach of CJNG.

The Toll on Humanity

The human cost of CJNG's presence in Western Washington is profound. The trafficking of drugs, particularly fentanyl, has led to a staggering number of overdoses and deaths, tearing apart families and communities. The fight against CJNG and similar cartels is a battle for the very essence of community and safety in American towns.

The Role of Open Border Policies

The open border policies under President Biden have come under scrutiny for exacerbating the drug crisis in America. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and critics argue that these policies not only invite illegal immigration but also enrich and empower drug cartels like CJNG, who profit from smuggling migrants and drugs across the border.

The diversion of Border Patrol agents to process migrants has impeded efforts to intercept fentanyl smugglers, highlighting a direct link between open border policies and the empowerment of drug cartels.

The Political Dimension and its Consequences

The Democratic Party's approach to immigration and border control has been criticized for effectively partnering with cartels to facilitate the influx of migrants and drugs into the U.S. This partnership has devastating consequences for American families, with tens of thousands dying from fentanyl overdoses annually.

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Critics argue that securing the southern border is essential to stopping the flow of killer drugs and that asking Mexico for help has proven to be ineffective.

As the investigation into CJNG's operations in Port Orchard unfolds, it becomes clear that the battle against this cartel is intertwined with broader political and policy issues.

The impact of open border policies on the drug crisis in America underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to immigration, border security, and drug enforcement to protect communities from the devastating effects of cartel operations.

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