Strengthening Sumner’s Infrastructure: A Community Journey Toward Enhanced Connectivity and Safety

The Evolution of Sumner's Roads and Bridges

Sumner, a city with deep historical roots and a vibrant community, is transforming. The city's infrastructure, including its roads and bridges, is getting a much-needed upgrade to meet the growing needs of its residents and visitors.

One of the most significant projects is the replacement of the Stewart Road/8th Street White River Bridge, a venture set to replace the existing 2-lane bridge with a new, wider structure. This project, expected to be completed by 2026, aims to alleviate traffic bottlenecks and enhance pedestrian safety, connecting the community more seamlessly than ever before.

Financial Protection

Community-Focused Transportation Projects

Besides the bridge upgrade, Sumner is addressing the congestion and safety concerns at the State Route 410/166th Avenue interchange. This area, known for its heavy traffic and unsafe conditions, is being reimagined with widened roads and introducing roundabouts to improve flow and safety. These changes are part of a broader effort to support the local economy and provide a safer, more efficient travel experience for everyone.

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Moreover, the intersection of Main Street and Wood Avenue is being revitalized. This project not only updates traffic signals to modern standards but also prioritizes pedestrian safety with raised intersections and ADA-compliant sidewalk improvements. It's a testament to Sumner's commitment to creating a walkable, accessible town center that respects its historical charm while embracing the future.

The Role of Community Engagement

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The success of these projects is not just in their completion but in the active involvement and support of the Sumner community. From public meetings to legislative agendas, residents have played a crucial role in shaping the future of their city's infrastructure. Their stories, challenges, and feedback have been instrumental in securing funding and ensuring that the projects align with the community's needs.

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Anticipated Outcomes and Continued Progress

As these project's progress, the anticipation within the community grows. The improvements are expected to impact daily life in Sumner, reducing traffic congestion, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and enhancing the overall quality of transportation within the city. With every update and construction milestone, Sumner moves closer to realizing a vision of a more connected and safe community for all who live and visit here.

In conclusion, the infrastructure upgrades in Sumner reflect a community-driven effort to enhance connectivity, safety, and quality of life. Through strategic planning, community engagement, and a commitment to improvement, Sumner is paving the way toward a bright and accessible future. As these projects unfold, they promise to bring about positive changes that will benefit the community for generations to come.

Sumner Infrastructure Projects Overview

Major Road and Bridge Projects

Project Name Description Total Cost Funded Timeline
Stewart Road/8th Street White River Bridge Replace existing 2-lane bridge with a 74-foot wide structure accommodating 4 vehicle lanes. $35,000,000 Yes 2024-2027
166th Avenue E/SR 410 Interchange Widen roads and construct roundabouts to improve traffic flow and safety. $18,000,000 Partial 2022-2027
Main St. & Wood Ave. Intersection Improvements Update traffic signals, enhance pedestrian safety, and integrate into the vibrant town center. $3,580,000 Yes 2022-2023

Community and Safety Enhancement Projects

Project Name Description Total Cost Funded Timeline
Maple Street Pedestrian Signal Upgrade Replace rapid flashing beacons with a HAWK signal and upgrade citywide signals. $431,000 Yes 2023 – 2024
160th Ave. E. Sidewalk Improvements Install sidewalks and bike paths to meet minor arterial standards. $500,000 No 2027
Valley Avenue Overlay Overlay existing roadway surface and complete ADA upgrades. $1,500,000 Partial 2026
Stewart Road Corridor ITS Improvements Connect traffic signals and railroad crossing for improved flow. $3,500,000 Partial 2027
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Note on Funding and Planning

  • Funded: Indicates projects for which funding is fully secured.
  • Partial: Projects that have received some funding but may require additional resources to complete.
  • No: Projects currently without funding.

This table representation helps in quickly identifying the projects that are critical to Sumner's infrastructure development, their funding status, and when the community can expect to see these improvements come to fruition. The city's efforts to enhance transportation, safety, and community livability through these projects are evident in the planning and resources allocated.

Sumner Infrastructure Project Timelines

Project Milestones by Year

Year Project Milestones
2022 – Preliminary design completion for 166th Avenue E/SR 410 Interchange. Planning for Main St. & Wood Ave. Intersection Improvements.
2023 – Construction begins on Stewart Road/8th Street White River Bridge. Main St. & Wood Ave. Intersection Improvements construction. Maple Street Pedestrian Signal upgrade construction.
2024 – Stewart Road/8th Street White River Bridge construction continues. Valley Avenue Overlay design phase. Stewart Road Corridor ITS Improvements design phase.
2025 – 166th Avenue E/SR 410 Interchange design completion. Construction planning for Valley Avenue Overlay and Stewart Road Corridor ITS Improvements.
2026 – Stewart Road/8th Street White River Bridge expected completion. Valley Avenue Overlay construction. 160th Ave. E. Sidewalk Improvements planning completion
2027 – 166th Avenue E/SR 410 Interchange expected completion. Construction begins on 160th Ave. E. Sidewalk Improvements and Stewart Road Corridor ITS Improvements.
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  • The Year column represents when key activities for each project are expected to start or reach significant milestones.
  • Project Milestones include planning, design, construction start, and expected completion activities.
  • This timeline is subject to change based on project funding, planning adjustments, and unforeseen delays.

This timeline analyzes how Sumner is progressing with its infrastructure enhancements, with multiple projects moving forward in parallel. It showcases the city's commitment to improving transportation, pedestrian safety, and overall livability for its residents and visitors.


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