Seattle’s Vision For Advancing Safety and Accessibility on City Streets

Seattle is pushing forward with significant upgrades to its urban landscape, emphasizing safety and accessibility for all. Two major projects highlight this effort: enhancements to Lake Washington Boulevard and the completion of designs for several South Seattle safety and bike projects. Together, these initiatives illustrate the city's commitment to creating a safer, more inclusive environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

Enhancing Lake Washington Boulevard

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) have embarked on a project to make Lake Washington Boulevard more accessible and safe. Scheduled to start in mid-February, the project focuses on paving a new connection to the existing pathway near South Ferdinand Street.

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This renovation is part of the broader Lake Washington Boulevard Renovations Project, aiming to improve access for all travel modes, notably increasing bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety while upgrading the lakeshore's park amenities.

A vital feature of this upgrade is the enhancement of the current crossing with American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps and a fresh concrete walkway that will connect seamlessly to the Lake Washington Boulevard path. Additionally, a marked crosswalk will be added to improve the north intersection, reflecting SPR's dedication to improving the park experience for everyone, regardless of mobility.

South Seattle Safety and Bike Projects

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In South Seattle, several high-priority safety projects have reached 100% design completion, with one project heading toward completion by summer 2024. The Levy funds these projects to Move Seattle, which is set to conclude at the end of 2024. The MLK Jr Way Safety Project began construction in the fall of 2023, with significant progress toward completion. Other projects will soon begin construction, including the Beacon Ave S and 15th Ave S Safety Project, Georgetown to Downtown Safety Project, and Georgetown to South Park Safety Project.

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These initiatives are designed to support safe travel for everyone by expanding the citywide bike network connections and balancing the needs of transit, freight, and other travelers. For example, the Beacon Ave S and 15th Ave S Safety Project have completed a significant milestone with their design and parking management plan, paving the way for construction to begin later this summer. These safety improvements represent significant upgrades in the public right-of-way, helping to advance Seattle's Vision Zero safety goals for all travelers.

The integration of these projects showcases Seattle's holistic approach to urban planning, prioritizing safety and accessibility while enhancing the city's infrastructure to accommodate the diverse needs of its residents. By focusing on both large-scale renovations and targeted safety improvements, Seattle is setting a benchmark for cities nationwide in creating more livable, equitable urban environments.

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