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Americans Warned To Avoid Shopping on Temu App


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As the Temu app gains popularity in the United States, concerns about its safety and business practices are mounting. Authorities and consumer protection groups warn Americans to think twice before using this Chinese-operated shopping platform. This article consolidates the latest warnings and details why Temu might not be a safe choice for consumers.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Data Theft Allegations

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has labeled Temu a “data theft business.” Griffin claims that, unlike typical online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, Temu uses malware and spyware to gain unrestricted access to users' personal information, including text messages, contacts, camera access, and location data. This invasive approach raises serious privacy concerns, especially given the app's parent company, Pinduoduo Inc., is based in China.

Legal Actions


In response to these concerns, Arkansas has filed a lawsuit against Temu’s parent company, seeking to permanently block its data-collection activities and impose fines for violating state laws. This lawsuit is supported by research from Grizzly Research, which suggests Temu might be selling stolen data to sustain its business model.

Customer Complaints and Service Issues

BBB Warnings and Complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued multiple warnings about Temu, highlighting a surge in complaints. Since its launch, the BBB has received over 900 complaints about the app, ranging from poor product quality and shipping delays to undelivered packages. The app currently holds a BBB rating of less than 1.5 stars, reflecting widespread user dissatisfaction.

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Unreliable Service

Customers have faced severe issues with Temu, such as missing Christmas gifts and delayed refunds. These incidents underscore the company's poor reliability and customer service, further tarnishing its reputation. Despite its efforts to address complaints, many issues remain unresolved.

Business Model and Economic Impact

Temu's Marketing Strategy

Temu's rapid rise in popularity is driven by its aggressive marketing strategy, which includes offering steep discounts and free items to users who promote the app on social media.

This approach has led to a surge in downloads, making Temu one of the most downloaded shopping apps globally. However, experts warn that such practices could pressure U.S. retailers to slash prices, potentially impacting wages and domestic manufacturing.

Economic Implications

Experts like Douglas Schmidt from Vanderbilt University caution that Temu's model could erode domestic manufacturing by driving down market prices. By bypassing distributors and selling directly to consumers, Temu might force U.S. companies to lower their costs, further straining the American economy.

Data Privacy Issues

Invasive Data Collection

A CBS News investigation revealed that Temu's privacy policy allows it to collect extensive personal information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and even social media photos.

This data collection extends to automatically gathering information from users' devices, such as operating systems, browsing history, and location data. The BBB warns that such practices and the company's ties to China could facilitate identity theft and other malicious activities.

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Given the numerous red flags surrounding Temu, from data security concerns to poor customer service, consumers should exercise caution.

The app's invasive data collection practices and potential risks make it an unsafe choice for shopping. Authorities and experts urge Americans to reconsider using Temu to protect their personal information and support safer, more reliable alternatives.

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