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Biden’s Misleading Claim on Crime Rates: A Deep Dive into Reality


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In a recent statement, President Biden claimed that violent crime in America is at a 50-year low. This assertion has sparked widespread criticism and scrutiny, with many arguing that the reality is starkly different. The president's claim relies on flawed data and ignores the significant rise in crime rates in many urban areas across the country. This article examines the truth behind Biden's statement and highlights the underlying issues contributing to the crime surge.

Biden's Misleading Claim on Crime Rates: A Deep Dive into Reality

Flawed Crime Reporting System

Biden's administration has been accused of manipulating crime statistics by implementing a new, optional reporting system that many law enforcement agencies do not use. This new system, which replaced a long-standing, comprehensive crime reporting system, has resulted in at least 6,000 agencies not providing data. Consequently, around 25% of the country's crime data is missing, skewing the statistics and creating a false sense of security.

The manipulation of crime data is a deliberate attempt to present an optimistic picture of public safety. Democrat-controlled cities have effectively decriminalized violent crime by downgrading felony charges to misdemeanors and offering diversion agreements. This practice removes many offenses from official crime statistics, masking the true extent of violent crime and creating an illusion of safety.

I don't know what alternate reality he's living in or what plan he's talking about, but it ain't working,” Joe Gamaldi, national vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said on “Mornings with Maria.

Rising Crime Rates in Major Cities


Despite Biden's claim, many major cities report significant increases in violent crime. Cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco have seen alarming spikes in shootings, robberies, and assaults. In Chicago, for example, every weekend witnesses around 70 shootings. New York City has experienced a surge in violent felonies, leading to the deployment of National Guard troops to maintain order.

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In Baltimore, the highest homicide rate in recent history was recorded, with the city experiencing a dramatic rise in violent crime despite strict lockdown measures. These examples highlight the disconnect between official crime statistics and the lived reality of residents in these cities.

The Impact of Decriminalization Policies

Many states and cities have adopted decriminalization policies, which have contributed to the rise in violent crime. In California, for instance, the decriminalization of certain offenses has led to a significant increase in crime rates. Prosecutors, backed by influential figures like George Soros, have adopted “restorative justice” approaches, refusing to prosecute many violent criminals or downgrading their charges.

These policies have had devastating effects on communities, with residents experiencing higher rates of violent crime and a diminished sense of safety. The underreporting of crime and lenient prosecution practices create an environment where criminals feel emboldened, leading to further increases in crime rates.

Public Perception and Reality

National polls reveal that most Americans believe crime has increased significantly over the past few years. This perception aligns with the experiences of residents in high-crime areas who report frequent encounters with violence. The discrepancy between official statistics and public perception underscores the need for accurate and transparent crime reporting.

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The manipulation of crime data and the adoption of decriminalization policies have eroded public trust in the government and law enforcement agencies. To address the rising crime rates, a concerted effort must be made to restore the integrity of crime data and implement effective crime prevention measures.

Biden's claim that violent crime is at a 50-year low is not only misleading but dangerous. The underreporting of crime and the adoption of lenient prosecution policies have created a false narrative of safety, masking the reality of rising crime rates in many urban areas. To ensure public safety, addressing the flaws in crime reporting, holding policymakers accountable, and implementing effective strategies to combat violent crime is crucial. The American public deserves transparency and honesty in understanding the true state of crime in their communities.

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