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A Critical Look at Biden’s Border Policy Crisis


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Since President Biden took office, more than 10 million illegal aliens have crossed the U.S. border. This staggering number surpasses the population of many states, highlighting a severe crisis at the southern border.

A Critical Look at Biden's Border Policy Crisis
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Critics argue that Biden's policies have directly led to this surge. Reports from sources like The Daily Signal and The People's Voice reveal that this influx has overwhelmed border communities, straining resources and public services.

The Biden administration’s decision to halt deportations, stop border wall construction, and end the Remain in Mexico policy are seen as key factors driving this crisis. The reinstatement of the catch-and-release program has further exacerbated the situation. This policy shift has resulted in a significant rise in illegal border crossings, putting immense pressure on local and state governments to manage the influx.

Health Risks and Illegal Voting

The unchecked flow of illegal immigrants has raised serious public health concerns. Many fear that diseases uncommon in the U.S. could spread more easily due to the lack of proper health screenings at the border. The health systems, already strained by the pandemic, now face additional challenges in managing potential outbreaks from new arrivals.


Another critical issue is the potential for illegal voting. With millions of undocumented immigrants in the country, there is a heightened risk that they could participate in elections unlawfully. This threat undermines the integrity of the electoral process, causing concern among voters about the fairness of future elections. Ensuring that only eligible citizens vote is crucial to maintaining public trust in democratic institutions.

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Economic and Social Impact

The economic impact of this surge cannot be ignored. Public services like healthcare, education, and welfare are stretched thin, with resources meant for citizens now diverted to accommodate the growing number of illegal entrants. This diversion has led to frustration among taxpayers and a strain on government budgets.

Socially, the rapid demographic changes have led to increased tensions in various communities. Integrating such many immigrants poses challenges in terms of housing, employment, and cultural assimilation. These challenges have resulted in polarization and division within the country, highlighting the need for comprehensive immigration reform to address these complex issues effectively.

The Biden administration’s border policy has resulted in a significant crisis with far-reaching implications. The unchecked influx of illegal immigrants poses health risks, threatens election integrity, and strains economic resources.

As the nation grapples with these challenges, it is imperative to reassess and strengthen border policies to safeguard the country's future. The current situation is a stark reminder of the need for effective and responsible governance in addressing immigration and border security.

Here's a concise table highlighting the key points from the sources:

Category Details
Number of Illegal Entries Over 10 million since Biden took office
Comparison to State Populations Exceeds the population of 36 states
Key Policy Changes – Halted deportations

– Stopped border wall construction

– Ended Remain in Mexico policy

Public Health Concerns Potential spread of diseases not common in the U.S.
Illegal Voting Risks Increased risk of illegal voting impacting election integrity
Economic Impact Strain on public services like healthcare, education, and welfare
Social Impact Increased tensions and challenges in housing, employment, and cultural assimilation

This table provides a clear overview of the critical issues discussed in the articles related to the surge of illegal migrants entering the US.

Here's a table showing the states whose populations are outnumbered by the estimated 10 million illegal migrants who have entered the U.S. under President Biden's administration:

State Population
Wyoming 577,719
Vermont 643,077
District of Columbia 705,749
Alaska 731,158
North Dakota 762,062
South Dakota 884,659
Delaware 990,334
Rhode Island 1,057,125
Montana 1,068,778
Maine 1,344,212
New Hampshire 1,377,529
Hawaii 1,416,589
West Virginia 1,792,147
Idaho 1,839,106
Nebraska 1,951,996
New Mexico 2,096,829
Mississippi 2,976,149
Arkansas 3,017,804
Iowa 3,190,369
Nevada 3,223,677
Utah 3,271,616
Connecticut 3,605,944
Oregon 4,241,500
Oklahoma 4,301,782
Kentucky 4,505,836
Louisiana 4,648,794
South Carolina 5,190,705
Alabama 5,024,279
Colorado 5,758,736
Maryland 6,045,680
Missouri 6,154,913
Wisconsin 5,822,434
Minnesota 5,706,494
Massachusetts 6,893,574
Tennessee 6,829,174

This list includes states with populations less than the estimated 10 million illegal migrants, highlighting the scale of the immigration issue.

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