The Covid-19 Hoax and The Global Deception

The Covid-19 “pandemic,” heralded as an unparalleled global health crisis, is now revealed to be one of the greatest deceptions in recent history. Despite the fearmongering and stringent measures imposed worldwide, effective treatments were available but deliberately suppressed. This article exposes the truth behind the COVID-19 hoax, highlighting the negligence and manipulation by authorities and media.

The Covid-19 Hoax and The Global Deception

Suppression of Effective Treatments

Ivermectin: The Overlooked Solution

Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug, demonstrated significant efficacy in treating Covid-19 early. Research from Australia showed that ivermectin could eliminate the virus within 48 hours. Various studies, including those published in American Therapeutics and Cureus, confirmed its effectiveness in reducing mortality rates and preventing severe illness. Despite this, the FDA and other health authorities systematically ignored and ridiculed the treatment, prioritizing untested vaccines instead. This led to doctors losing their licenses and pharmacies refusing to dispense the drug.


Moreover, the FDA’s anti-ivermectin campaign was about discrediting the drug and maintaining the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Covid-19 vaccines. The EUA could only be upheld if no effective treatments were available. Hence, suppressing ivermectin and other potential treatments allowed the continuation of the vaccine rollout. This manipulation by the FDA and other regulatory bodies compromised public health and trust, leading to unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths.

Hydroxychloroquine: Another Suppressed Treatment

Hydroxychloroquine also showed promise as a treatment for Covid-19. Dr. Stella Immanuel and other medical professionals reported significant success using hydroxychloroquine and other medications. The Zelenko Protocol, including hydroxychloroquine, effectively reduced hospitalizations and deaths. Despite these findings, health authorities and media outlets dismissed and censored the treatment, pushing the narrative that only vaccines could end the pandemic.

In addition, the concerted efforts to discredit hydroxychloroquine involved manipulating scientific studies and media reports. Early studies that showed positive results were overshadowed by later studies designed to fail using inappropriate dosages or patient groups. This deliberate sabotage ensured that hydroxychloroquine remained sidelined, bolstering the case for vaccines and maintaining the control exerted by health authorities over the pandemic narrative.

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The Role of Media and Authorities

The media and government agencies played crucial roles in perpetuating the pandemic narrative. By promoting fear and suppressing effective treatments, they ensured compliance with lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass vaccination campaigns.

This manipulation led to unnecessary deaths, economic hardship, and erosion of personal freedoms. Dissenting voices, like Dr. Vernon Coleman and other credible scientists, were censored and discredited for challenging the official narrative.

The media’s role was instrumental in shaping public perception and maintaining the pandemic’s momentum. Sensational headlines, constant (fake) case counts, and overwhelming hospital images created an atmosphere of fear and urgency.

This fearmongering made it easier for governments to impose draconian measures and justify suppressing dissenting opinions. The collusion between media and government entities effectively silenced debate and critical examination of the pandemic response, ensuring that only the approved narrative prevailed.

Questionable Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

The rapid rollout of Covid-19 vaccines raised significant concerns about their safety and efficacy. Data from highly vaccinated countries, such as Israel and Gibraltar, showed that vaccinated individuals continued to experience high infection rates, particularly with new variants.

Reports of adverse effects, including blood clots, myocarditis, and even deaths, were downplayed or ignored. The long-term consequences of these vaccines remain uncertain, with potential risks of autoimmune diseases and infertility being flagged by experts.

Despite these concerns, the aggressive push for vaccination highlights a troubling disregard for patient safety and informed consent. The adverse effects and the questionable efficacy against new variants suggest that the vaccines were not the panacea they were promised to be. Instead, they appear part of a broader agenda prioritizing pharmaceutical profits and governmental control over genuine public health considerations. This agenda has resulted in widespread vaccine injuries and a growing distrust in health institutions.

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The Pandemic That Never Was

The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic was a contrived crisis. Effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were available and could have significantly mitigated the impact.

Instead, a narrative of fear was perpetuated to justify unprecedented control measures and promote experimental vaccines. It is crucial to acknowledge this deception and hold accountable those responsible for the unnecessary suffering and loss of life. The real pandemic was not the virus but the assault on truth and freedom orchestrated by those in power.

Fake People Dropping Dead in China

Recognizing the manipulation and deceit behind the Covid-19 pandemic is the first step toward restoring public trust and ensuring that such a crisis is never manufactured again. Holding accountable those who perpetuated this fraud is essential for justice and for safeguarding the principles of medical ethics and personal freedom. As the true extent of the deception comes to light, it is imperative to learn from these events and build a more transparent and accountable healthcare system for the future.

Government agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have exhibited significant corruption throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations, which are supposed to safeguard public health, have instead engaged in manipulative practices prioritizing political and financial interests over scientific integrity and public welfare.

For instance, the suppression of effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine was driven by a need to maintain the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for vaccines. The EUA could only be upheld if no effective treatments were available, leading these organizations to downplay and discredit viable alternatives. This deliberate suppression ensured the continuation of vaccine rollouts, benefiting pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health.

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The influence of Big Pharma on these agencies has further eroded their credibility. The FDA and CDC have been accused of having conflicts of interest, with key decision-makers having ties to pharmaceutical companies. These connections raise concerns about the impartiality of their recommendations and guidelines.

The WHO, too, has faced criticism for mishandling the pandemic, with allegations of delayed response and susceptibility to political pressures from powerful member states. This pattern of corruption and lack of transparency has resulted in widespread public distrust, undermining the foundations of global health governance. The actions of these organizations during the pandemic have highlighted the urgent need for accountability and reform to restore public trust and ensure that health policies truly serve the public good.

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