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Seattle Trailhead Direct Returns With Exciting News for Hikers


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Trailhead Direct, the beloved hiking shuttle service, is back this season with a new route and extended service dates. This initiative, aimed at reducing congestion and making hiking accessible to all, brings exciting updates for the community. The service is set to make hiking more convenient while promoting sustainability and reducing the need for parking at popular trailheads.

Seattle Trailhead Direct Returns With Exciting News for Hikers

The reintroduction of Trailhead Direct demonstrates a commitment to supporting outdoor recreation and environmental conservation. By providing a reliable and eco-friendly transportation option, the program encourages residents and visitors to explore nature without the hassle of driving and parking.

New and Returning Routes

King County has announced the 2024 schedule for Trailhead Direct. This year, the service includes two routes: Capitol Hill to Mount Si and Mount Baker to Issaquah Alps. These shuttles operate on weekends and holidays, providing a convenient and eco-friendly way for Seattle residents and visitors to reach popular hiking spots. The addition of the Issaquah Alps route opens up new opportunities for hikers to experience the scenic beauty of these trails.


These routes are designed to ease the burden on parking areas and reduce traffic congestion, making the hiking experience more enjoyable. The strategic planning behind these routes ensures that hikers have easy access to some of the region's most beloved trails, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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Community Impact

The return of Trailhead Direct is a big win for the community. It offers a car-free way to explore the natural beauty of our region, promoting outdoor activities and reducing trailhead parking issues. King County Councilmember Sarah Perry praised the program, highlighting its support for climate and equity goals. The service is not only a boon for avid hikers but also for those who may not have access to a vehicle, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

By reducing the number of cars on the road and at trailheads, Trailhead Direct helps lower emissions and protect the environment. This initiative aligns with broader goals of sustainability and community health, encouraging more people to take advantage of the natural resources available to them.

Service Details

Starting May 25, the shuttle will run every weekend until September 15, with additional service on major holidays. The buses, equipped with bike racks and wheelchair access, depart from Seattle in the early morning and return trips must be caught by 6 pm. The service is funded partly by Seattle's transit sales tax, ensuring it remains accessible and affordable. This schedule allows for flexibility in planning day trips, making it easier for hikers to enjoy a full day on the trails.

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The inclusion of bike racks and wheelchair access reflects Trailhead Direct’s commitment to inclusivity. These features ensure that everyone, regardless of physical ability or transportation preference, can benefit from the service. By providing reliable and accessible transportation, Trailhead Direct makes it easier for all community members to connect with nature.

Encouraging Outdoor Adventures

Trailhead Direct started as a pilot in 2017 and quickly became a community favorite. In 2019, it served over 17,500 hikers. This year's service aims to revive the enthusiasm and make our trails more accessible, especially for those without cars. The program has proven to be a valuable resource for promoting physical activity and mental well-being through outdoor recreation.

By providing easy access to the Issaquah Alps and Mount Si, Trailhead Direct encourages more people to enjoy the outdoors, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle in our community. The initiative supports local tourism and helps build a stronger sense of community by bringing people together in nature.

For more details and schedules, visit Trailhead Direct.

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