Home News Social Media Video Exposes Biden’s Incompetence While America is Struggling

Social Media Video Exposes Biden’s Incompetence While America is Struggling

Social Media Video Exposes Biden's Incompetence While America is Struggling

Incoherent Speeches and Public Appearances

President Joe Biden's public appearances have become increasingly concerning, highlighting his incoherence and inability to articulate clear thoughts. At a Wisconsin event, Biden rambled unintelligibly, leaving even his supporters confused. Similar incidents have occurred frequently, where Biden struggles to maintain a coherent narrative, even with the help of a teleprompter.

Domestic Failures and Inconsistent Policies

Biden's incompetence extends beyond his speeches. His administration's handling of domestic issues has been erratic and often harmful. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan left billions of dollars in military equipment behind and resulted in the deaths of 13 American service members. Domestically, the southern border crisis has worsened, with millions of illegal immigrants entering the country and contributing to increased crime and drug trafficking.

Foreign Policy Blunders

Biden's foreign policy has been marked by indecisiveness and poor judgment. His fluctuating stance on Israel, especially during the Gaza conflict, has alienated both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian supporters. Meanwhile, despite pressing domestic needs, his administration sends billions to Ukraine, raising questions about national priorities.

Impact on Veterans and Homelessness


The closure of FOB Hope, a shelter for homeless veterans in Tacoma, exemplifies the administration's neglect of domestic issues. As Biden allocates billions to foreign aid, veterans struggling with PTSD and other issues are left without the specialized support they need. The administration's priorities appear skewed, focusing on international conflicts while neglecting the needs of those who have served the country.

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Cognitive Decline and Leadership Concerns

Reports of Biden's cognitive decline, both in public and private, have raised alarms about his ability to lead. Allegations of him wandering the White House in a confused state and relying heavily on medication further undermine confidence in his leadership. The administration's efforts to manage his public image cannot hide the growing concerns about his mental fitness.

Economic and Social Decline

Biden's economic policies, dubbed “Bidenomics,” have increased poverty and financial instability for many Americans. His administration's approach to law enforcement, favoring leniency for criminals, has resulted in higher crime rates and a sense of lawlessness in major cities. The country's universities and social institutions are also in decline, plagued by ideological battles and declining standards.

President Biden's tenure has been marked by incompetence, inconsistency, and a failure to address critical domestic issues. While billions are spent on foreign aid, America's veterans, economy, and social fabric suffer. As the 2024 election approaches, voters increasingly question Biden's ability to effectively lead and manage the nation's challenges.

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