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CDC, FDA, and NIH Directors Served with Notice of Criminal Liability


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In March 2024, the CDC, FDA, and NIH directors were served with a critical document titled “NOTICE of CRIMINAL LIABILITY.” This memorandum alleges that these agencies have been involved in falsifying records, which has led to fraudulent overcounting of COVID-19 deaths and concealing deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. The allegations are supported by detailed records and legal analyses, aiming to hold these agencies accountable for their actions.

The document highlights the extensive nature of the alleged fraud, including specific instances of data falsification and manipulation. It accuses these public health agencies of misleading the public and failing to provide accurate information about the risks associated with COVID-19 and its vaccines. The memorandum serves as a legal notice, compelling these agencies to investigate and address the allegations.

The CDC Memorandum

The CDC Memorandum is a comprehensive document containing over 170 paragraphs that detail various instances of falsified data and the legal implications of these actions. It includes individual records with names, dates of vaccination, onset of symptoms, causes of death, and other pertinent information. These records prove the fraudulent activities the CDC and state health departments allegedly conducted.

CDC - FDA - and NIH - Directors Served with Notice of Criminal Liability


Furthermore, the memorandum outlines hospital protocols that resulted in unnecessary deaths. It points out that hospitals, driven by financial incentives from the CARES Act and CMS payout programs, administered unnecessary and lethal treatments to patients. This section of the memorandum explains how these protocols contributed to the high mortality rates, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and accountability.

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Delivery Issues

Despite the urgency and importance of the CDC Memorandum, the United States Postal Service (USPS) took more than three months to deliver it to the NIH. This delay highlights significant inefficiencies in the postal delivery system and raises concerns about the reliability of certified mail for delivering critical documents. The memorandum was sent via USPS USPS-certified mail with a Return Receipt Requested to ensure it reached the intended recipients.

The delivery issues are further compounded by the fact that four out of five packages sent to the NIH were lost in transit. This failure to deliver essential documents promptly underscores the challenges faced in holding public officials accountable.

The memorandum was sent to key figures in the CDC, FDA, and NIH, including Nirav D. Shah, Mandy K. Cohen, Dylan George, Demetre Daskalakis, Debra Houry, Robert M. Califf, Hillary D. Marston, Janet Woodcock, Peter Marks, Namandjé M. Bumpus, Mark Raza, Eric Green, Monica Bertagnolli, Tara Schwetz, Jeanne Marrazzo, and Lawrence A. Tabak.

Key Recipients

The memorandum was addressed to several high-ranking CDC, FDA, and NIH officials. These officials include Nirav D. Shah, Mandy K. Cohen, Dylan George, Demetre Daskalakis, and Debra Houry from the CDC; Robert M. Califf, Hillary D. Marston, Janet Woodcock, Peter Marks, Namandjé M. Bumpus, and Mark Raza from the FDA; and Eric Green, Monica Bertagnolli, Tara Schwetz, Jeanne Marrazzo, and Lawrence A. Tabak from the NIH. Each recipient's title and role were listed on the cover page of the memorandum.

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The USPS tracking information confirmed that the packages were delivered to agents for final delivery, with recorded delivery dates in mid-March 2024. However, the loss of four out of five packages sent to the NIH raises serious concerns about the handling and security such important documents. This delivery failure delays potential investigations and highlights the systemic issues within the postal service.

Legal Implications

The served directors now have a legal obligation to investigate the allegations presented in the CDC Memorandum. By receiving this document, they are placed in a knowing state of mind, meaning they are aware of the serious accusations and the need to take appropriate action. If they fail to act on this information, they could face charges of manslaughter or murder due to their inaction and the resulting deaths.

The memorandum asserts that the directors' inaction makes them criminally liable despite knowing the risks posed by their recommendations. The document emphasizes that public officials must protect public health and safety. If they knowingly allow dangerous practices to continue without investigation, they are complicit in the resulting harm and deaths. This memorandum section underscores the urgent need for accountability and corrective measures.

The CDC Memorandum is a call to action for public officials to address and rectify the alleged falsifications and negligent practices. It presents comprehensive evidence of fraudulent activities and unnecessary deaths resulting from hospital protocols and vaccine-related complications. The memorandum aims to hold these agencies accountable for their roles in the public health crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The facts in the memorandum encourage the public to demand accountability from their government officials. The author, driven by personal loss, urges disseminating this information to ensure those responsible are brought to justice. By sharing this information and contacting state representatives, the public can be crucial in advocating for transparency and accountability in public health policies.

Source: Coquin de Chien

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