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Your Voice Matters: Tacoma Engages Community in Budget Process


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The City of Tacoma is calling on residents to engage in the development of the 2025-2026 Biennial Budget. This process is vital for creating a shared vision for a thriving Tacoma, ensuring resources are used responsibly, and effectively addressing community needs.

Budget Challenges and Goals

Tacoma faces a projected $26 million budget gap in the General Fund. To address this, the city is working with departments to explore budget scenarios, including options to reduce, maintain, or enhance service levels. Reduction targets are set at 2.5% for public safety departments and 6% for others, with decisions made based on community input and service priorities.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Mayor Victoria Woodards emphasized the importance of community engagement, saying, “Our community’s high level of engagement over the years has been vital to building belief and trust.” The city has already started outreach through One Tacoma Community Visioning Workshops. Residents can also use the “Balancing Act” tool on the city’s website to provide input by playing with budget scenarios.

Upcoming Engagement Events

The city is hosting several events to gather feedback from residents. Upcoming opportunities include:

  • Saturday, June 15: 1-3 PM at Wapato Park Pavilion
  • Thursday, June 20: 6-7:30 PM at Bates Technical College – Central Campus Studio
  • Thursday, June 27: 6-7:30 PM at Salishan Family Investment Center
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These events and participation in the Broadway Farmers Market provide platforms for residents to share their thoughts and contribute to the budget development process.

Your Voice Matters: Tacoma Engages Community in Budget Process

How to Get Involved

Residents are encouraged to visit cityoftacoma.org/budget for detailed information on the budget process and engagement opportunities. Feedback can also be emailed to the Office of Management and Budget at [email protected] or (253) 594-7925.

Tacoma’s 2025-2026 Biennial Budget development is a crucial opportunity for residents to shape their community's future. By participating in workshops, using online tools, and providing feedback, the community can help ensure that the budget reflects shared priorities and sustainable solutions. Your involvement is key to building a thriving, safe  Tacoma.

Importance of Community Feedback

Community feedback is crucial in ensuring that the budget reflects the needs and priorities of Tacoma's residents. Community members can help influence decisions impacting public safety, infrastructure, housing, and other essential services by actively participating in the budget process.

This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, making the budget more representative of the community's collective vision.

Moreover, engaging in the budget process allows residents to voice their concerns and suggestions directly to city officials. This transparency and openness build trust between the city government and its citizens.

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It ensures that the allocated resources are used effectively to address the most pressing issues. The city’s commitment to incorporating public input demonstrates a dedication to democratic principles and effective governance.

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