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Dramatic Coast Guard Rescue of Five People and a Dog Near Lummi Island


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Kayakers in Distress

On Sunday, June 9, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued four adults, one child, and a dog from the frigid waters near Lummi Island. The rescue operation began around 6:20 PM when an SOS signal was received, indicating that kayakers were in distress approximately 1.5 miles northwest of the island. The distress call was sent via an inReach satellite messenger device, which helped pinpoint their location.

Swift Response by the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard Station Bellingham quickly dispatched a rescue team with assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles. Upon arrival, they found the kayakers, all of whom were wearing personal flotation devices (PFDs), in the cold 50-degree water. The presence of PFDs was crucial in ensuring their safety until help arrived.

Safe Return and Medical Attention

After successfully pulling the kayakers from the water, the Coast Guard transported them back to shore. One person required treatment from emergency medical services but was not hospitalized. The quick response and effective use of safety gear were instrumental in preventing more severe outcomes.

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Community and Safety Implications


This incident highlights the importance of being prepared and equipped with proper safety gear when engaging in water activities. Personal flotation devices can make the difference between life and death in emergencies. The community is reminded to always prioritize safety and ensure all necessary precautions are taken when venturing out on the water.

The Coast Guard's prompt and efficient response reminds them of their dedication to public safety. Such rescues underscore the critical role of emergency services in safeguarding lives and emphasize the value of readiness and vigilance in potentially hazardous conditions.

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