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Tacoma Store Clerk Thwarts Robbery with Machete


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A Bold Confrontation

In an extraordinary display of bravery, Naif Qatamin, a 70-year-old store owner in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, successfully fended off an attempted robbery with nothing but a machete. The incident, which took place on February 5th at the Selena One Market, began when an individual wielding a knife entered the store, declaring a holdup.

Qatamin's response was as calm as it was daring. Questioning the robber's choice of weapon, he soon revealed his own: a considerably larger machete hidden behind the counter. This unexpected turn of events was captured on video, showcasing Qatamin's resolve to protect his establishment without intent to harm, aiming merely to scare the would-be thief.

The Aftermath and Arrest

The confrontation ended with the suspect retreating in disarray, ultimately falling to the ground. Qatamin, maintaining control of the situation, held the suspect at bay until he could flee the scene. The following day, the assailant brazenly returned to the store, only to be promptly arrested by the Tacoma Police Department, thanks to the evidence provided by the store's video footage and witness accounts.


Charged with felony harassment and first-degree robbery, the suspect now faces the consequences of his actions, underscoring the risks criminals face when their intended victims stand their ground.

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This incident at Selena One Market is a stark reminder of the everyday challenges and dangers local business owners encounter. It also highlights the courage and quick thinking of individuals like Qatamin, who, when faced with a threat, demonstrated not only the will to protect his livelihood but also a restraint that likely prevented further violence. For more details on this daring encounter, visit Tacoma Police on Facebook.

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