Slovak Prime Minister Fico’s First Speech Post-Assassination Attempt


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico recently delivered his first speech since surviving an assassination attempt. In a video posted online, Fico outlined his beliefs about the motives behind the attack and warned of the dangers posed by aggressive opposition fueled by globalist interests. He pointed to the significant influence of external forces and media in shaping political violence.

Details of the Assassination Attempt

On May 15, 2024, Fico was shot multiple times in the town of Handlova by an opposition activist. He was seriously wounded and underwent several surgeries. In his speech, Fico thanked the medical teams for their efforts and expressed forgiveness towards his attacker, whom he described as a “messenger of evil and political hatred.” He dismissed claims that the attack was the act of a “lone madman,” suggesting that it was orchestrated by those opposing his political stance.

Criticism of the Opposition and Media

Fico directly blamed the opposition and media, particularly those funded by foreign entities like George Soros, for inciting hatred and violence. He criticized the media's attempts to downplay the severity of the attack and accused them of fostering an environment where political violence could thrive. He stressed that the opposition had become increasingly aggressive and emboldened by a lack of consequences for their actions.

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Political Stance and Controversies

Fico has long been known for his pro-sovereignty and anti-globalist stance, opposing the mainstream European position on issues like the Ukraine conflict. He has criticized the forced export of democracy by major Western powers and has advocated for peace over military aid in Ukraine. His government, formed in 2023, reaffirmed a sovereign foreign policy that often conflicts with EU and NATO agendas, particularly regarding military aid and sanctions against Russia.

Impact on Slovak Politics


The assassination attempt has heightened tensions within Slovak politics. Fico accused the previous government (2020-2023) of abusing power to eliminate opposition through legal means and claimed that this period saw a significant decline in the rule of law. He noted that the West ignored these abuses because the then government aligned with foreign interests. Fico's administration, in contrast, has faced continuous attacks and provocations from an opposition unwilling to respect democratic outcomes.

Fico's speech highlighted the dangers of political violence and the influence of globalist agendas on domestic politics. He called for a return to democratic competition and respect for differing opinions. His message is a stark reminder of the potential consequences when political discourse is overshadowed by hatred and external manipulation. As Slovakia navigates this turbulent period, the need for transparency, accountability, and a commitment to democratic values remains paramount.

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