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Tacoma Fire Chief Tory Green Announces Retirement After 31 Years of Service


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Retire Comfortably

Tacoma Fire Chief Toryono Green, a dedicated leader with over thirty years of service, will retire at the end of June. His leadership and contributions have left a lasting impact on the Tacoma Fire Department and the community.

Leadership and Responsibilities

Fire Chief Toryono Green oversees the management, direction, and control of the Tacoma Fire Department, which includes 419 budgeted positions.

His role involves strategic planning, goal setting, and overseeing all departmental operations and activities. Green also handles the department's budget, formulates and executes policies, and implements best practices to ensure efficiency.

Tacoma Fire Chief Tory Green Announces Retirement After 31 Years of Service
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Before becoming Fire Chief, Green served as the deputy chief of administration for seven years and held positions such as Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services and Medical Services Officer. His long tenure and diverse roles within the department informed his leadership style, providing a comprehensive understanding of its operations.

Retirement Announcement


After 31 years with the Tacoma Fire Department, including five years as chief, Tory Green announced his retirement, effective June 30, 2024. The department acknowledged Green's retirement in a Facebook post, highlighting his leadership during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The post also noted his implementation of the basic life support transport program, the HOPE Program for behavioral health crises, and his focus on firefighter safety and mental health.

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An interim replacement, Assistant Chief Sionna Stallings-Alailima, will take over until a permanent head is appointed. The city of Tacoma honored Green and four other soon-retiring department directors in a Facebook post, thanking them for their service and dedication.

Contributions and Achievements

Green led significant initiatives during his tenure, including the EMS levy-lid lift passed by voters last year and advocacy for the fire levy-lid lift appearing on the November ballot.

His efforts in department diversification and improvements to outdated fire stations have been noteworthy. He also emphasized firefighter health, raising awareness about duty-related cancer deaths.

Green's career was not without challenges. In 2016, then-Deputy Chief Green recommended firing two recruits accused of cheating on a test, and in 2017, he addressed concerns about the hiring of a firefighter with a history of drug use. Despite these hurdles, Green's commitment to transparency and integrity remained steadfast.

Community Recognition

The community and colleagues have expressed their gratitude for Green's service. Pierce County Council member Robyn Denson thanked him for his service, while the Eastside Neighborhoods Advisory Council of Tacoma shared their appreciation and wished him a happy retirement.

As a Tacoma native, Green's deep connection to the city and its residents has been evident throughout his career. His legacy includes his professional achievements and the positive relationships he fostered within the community.

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Tacoma Fire Chief Tory Green's retirement marks the end of an era for the Tacoma Fire Department. His leadership, dedication, and numerous contributions have significantly impacted the department and the community it serves. As he turns in his keys to the fire truck, Tacoma honors his legacy and wishes him the best in his well-deserved retirement.

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